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Teodor Krastev



Download Classifion installation file   Version 1.5.0 (beta)  

Classifion software is distributed under freeware license agreement.


1. You need to download and install R-project (ver>3.0) software from http://www.r-project.org/ follow Download link on the left.
Classifion has been developed and tested under R version 3.1.2 .

2. After installation of R you need to install Rserve package:
  - run R
  - menu Packages->Install package
  - pick a mirror and select Rserve

Note: if you have R but not Rserve, when started Classifion will try to install it for you.

3. Download Classifion setup file (top/right on the this page), run it and follow the instructions.

For any questions or custom-designed software inquires - write here.

Keep me informed about Classifion updates: