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Teodor Krastev


Websites of statistical and classification software

  1. Free Statistical Software

  2. GAMS Guide for Available Math Software

  3. Statistical software providers at Stata

  4. StatLib: Data, Software and News from the Statistics Community

Books about classification and statistics

  1. Statistics - comprehensive online textbook at StatSoft

  2. One-class classification, thesis by David Martinus Johannes [pdf

  3. Statistical Analysis of Proteomic Mass Spectrometry Data, thesis by Kelly Handley [pdf]

  4. Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification [pdf]

  5. Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms [pdf]

  6. Engineering Statistics Handbook at NIST

  7. Amazon book search for statistics classification multivariate analysis, chemometrics

Articles about classification, mass spectrometry, and everything interesting in-between

  1. Chemometrics  for qualitative or quantitative measurements (the basics) [pdf]

  2. Applied Chemometrics: From Chemical Data to Relevant Information; K. Varmuza [pdf]

  3. Comparison of classification methods... mass spectrometry data; C. Truntzer et al. (2014) [pdf]

  4. A Review on Mass Spectrometry: Technique and Tools (software review); Yerlekar et al (2014) [pdf]

  5. Principal Component Analysis, by Van Aelst  [pdf]

  6. Mahalanobis Distance, by Van Aelst  [pdf]

  7. Discriminant Analysis, by Van Aelst  [pdf]

  8. Bayesian Principal Component Analysis, by M. N. Nounou, et al. [pdf]

  9. Nonlinear principal component analysis, by R. Der, et al. [pdf]

  10. A tutorial on Principal Components Analysis, by L. I. Smith [pdf]

  11. Structured Principal Component Analysis, by K. M. Branson et al. [pdf]

  12. Cluster Analysis, by Van Aelst  [pdf]